Iran ( Irani Rugs )

Dating back to the days of ancient Persia, the Art of weaving a carpet is essentially the find of the Persians. Artistry of the highest quality is the benchmark they have set for themselves over centuries. You can easily analyze the details of their rich heritage, extensive knowledge of arts...

Pakistan ( Pakistani Rugs )

Having recently mastered the art of hand-knotted carpets, Pakistan has churned out a number of high quality carpets which are highly durable. The two most common techniques of carpets weaving in Pakistan are single-knotting and double-knotting, the latter being higher in quality...

Afghanistan ( Afghanistani Rugs )

Carpets from Afghanistan follow a very particular route which mainly consists of works famously known as tribal. The carpets are highly durable and since production is scare in those areas, very valuable. The color on almost all tribal carpets is a familiar...

Kashmir (Kashmir Rugs )

While not having a history as vast as the Persians, Kashmiri carpets have managed to replicate the Oriental patterns in their work ingeniously. Majority of the carpets are a 100% natural Silk. Kashmiri carpets are an epitome of incredible work of art and have earned accolades world-wide...



There are a number of Carpet and Rug lovers’ available world-wide, who are seeking optimum quality oriental carpets and rugs to add sophisticated and exotic touch in their home and office area. If you are one for those and looking for a trader or supplier supplying some genuine oriental carpets and rugs, then you are at the right place. We are feeling proud to introduce “Oriental Rugs” - an eminent trader and supplier of Oriental Carpets and Rugs in its segment.

We are a Honk Kong based company and mostly deal in China and its other administrative regions. The company has been successfully dealing in the domain for the last two decades and during such time frame of business it has collected masterpieces of carpets from world-renowned carpet manufacturing countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir (India). Through extensive search and profound knowledge of relatively unknown parts of the country, we have become able to supply carpets holding traditional art work and heritage of a particular country.

The quality attributes which make our stock of carpets and rug highly demanded among people are flawless finish, richness in colors, high strength, prolong life along with less maintenance efforts, capability to bear huge wear and tear, colorfastness, easy cleaning and many more. However, our stock of carpets and rugs are invaluable and are available at very economical prices. Apart from trading and supplying carpets and rugs in Honk Kong, we are also providing carpet cleaning services for all types or all kind of carpets.

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